Dutch PSN Card 50euros

Bied hier alles aan en wat je zoekt voor arcade en consoles.
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Dutch PSN Card 50euros

Post by Viny » Sat Mar 30, 2019 16:04


My birthday was on Monday and my lovely wife got me a PSN voucher of 50Euros.
Unfortunately my PSN account is based on the French PSN and even if I swap the shop to be the Dutch one, I can’t redeem the voucher.
Already checked with Game mania this morning.... impossible to exchange or take back...
only solution for me to to sell it and get the 50e loaded on my PSN via my paypal...

So long story short... PSN voucher 50euros to sell
Price: 50euros.

Hope someone can be interested.
Obviously there is no scam behind. I m in forum for long time and bought neo geo carts from a few of the members through the years.
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